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Home learning information

In the current climate you may find that you have a period of self isolation at home with your child/ren whilst they or a member of your household is unwell. If your child/ren are well, they will be keen to carry on with their learning. To support our children's learning journeys, we have put together a series of resources that you can do with your child/ren. All of the resources are easy to follow and access.

Our teachers have carefully selected all of the resources to ensure that they support the learning journey of our individual children. The resources enable the children to reinforce previous learning and allow them to independently select areas they would like to improve. 

Paper resources:

If you cannot access the online learning, please contact the school office.  admin@kelsaleprimary.org.uk for a paper copy of the home learning pack.

School reading books - your child/ren should always have a reading book and/or library book in their book bag to read at home. 

Music Resources For Children in Year 4 Learning Ukulele:

Home Learning Daily Timetable

Class 1 and 2

Class 1 and 2 - Home Learning Timetable(3)

Class 3 and 4

Class 3 and 4 - Home Learning Timetable(2)

Class 5 and 6

Class 5 and 6 - Home Learning Timetable(1)

Mrs Savva's recipes to try at home

Mrs Savva is a keen (and excellent) cook and has previously run a cooking club in school.  Whilst we can't all be together in school Mrs Savva has very kindly put together some recipes for you to try at home.   There are a wide varity of recipes to suit all tastes.

Please share any pictures you have of the different recipes you try at home - office@kelsaleprimary.org.uk 

Mrs Savva's recipe ideas

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